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AKC Top 10 List of Dogs – 2013

According to the American Kennel Club the Top Ten List of Dogs for 2013 are: Labrador Retrievers (Sporting Group) German Shepherds (Herding Group) Golden Retrievers (Sporting Group) Beagles (Hound Group) Bulldogs (Non-Sporting Group) Yorkshire Terriers (Toy Group) Boxers (Working Group) Poodles (Non-Sporting Group) Rottweilers (Working Group) Dachshunds (Hound Group) While the Labrador Retriever has been… Read more »

Sporting Breed Certification

I just received my Sporting Certification from the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA)!  Thanks to Copper the American Cocker Spaniel for being a willing participant in the process.

Breed Profile: American Cocker Spaniel

The American Kennel Club (AKC) places the American Cocker Spaniel in the Sporting Group, which mostly consists of spaniels, setters and retrievers.  The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the sporting group typically standing 14 to 15 inches at the withers (shoulders).  They were bred to help hunters by flushing game birds so the… Read more »