Questions & Answers About Our Mobile Dog Spa

How long does it take? 

Answer – The time it takes to complete the groom depends on several factors such as the dog’s coat type, size of the dog, the complexity of the groom and the cooperation of the dog.  Typically it will take about 1 – 1.5 hours.


How often does my dog need to be groomed? 

Answer – The frequency of grooming varies by dog breed but typically dogs that receive a “Charmed Style” haircut should be on a 4 to 6 week schedule.


What if my dog is aggressive? 

Answer – I can evaluate the dog to determine if I will be able to groom it.  Please note that I have the right to refuse to work on an overly aggressive dog.


I see dogs that are bigger than 50 pounds on your website, will you groom my dog that is over 50 pounds? 

Answer – I do take dogs over 50 pounds on a case-by-case basis so please call me to discuss.


Will getting my dog groomed more frequently dry my dog’s skin out?

Answer – No, Charmed Paws uses top of the line shampoo and conditioner.  The key  to keeping the fur/hair healthy and not matted it keeping the skin clean and conditioned.  The skin has a life cycle of 21 days, so if there are lots of dead and dying cells on the surface of the skin that can attribute to pet odors, and dandruff.