Having your dog groomed in a mobile pet spa is convenient and care-free.  However, we all have to live by some rules and regulations.  Please read our grooming “paw”-licies (get it…instead of policies)!

  • Cancellations and No Shows  – Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time in order to avoid a cancellation fee of $25.
  • Matted Pets – If a pet is matted to the point where it is painful or stressful for the pet to be de-matted, the dog will be shaved down for your pet’s health and safety.  Matted hair is not healthy or comfortable for the dog, so it is best to start over with shorter, but cleaner and healthier fur!
  • Right of Refusal – Charmed Paws retains the right to refuse service to overly aggressive dogs.
  • Reward Programs – Customers that schedule their dogs on a regular basis can choose from one of the following rewards each calendar year:
  • * $25 off a groom
  • *  8 oz bottle of ear wash
  • *  10 oz spray bottle of hydration spray
  • *  2 oz bottle of triple oil
  • *  Triple Oil body wrap upgrade to one regular groom

Vaccinations – Proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to your first visit.  Please provide the paperwork from your vet, as a rabies tag does not provide sufficient documentation.