Charmed Paws is pleased to announce that we now have the ActiVet® brushes for sale exclusively for our Charmed Paws Customers.  These brushes are made in Germany and are the best brushes on the market!  They have flexible heads with stainless steel pins and are waterproof.  The brushes are durable yet gentle and will reduce coat damage during brushing.

There are two kinds of brushes:

  • Single brushes have the same brush style on each side.  These brushes are solid in color and come in Purple (Firm Brush Out), Green (Soft Brush Out), Silver (Firm Coat Grabber) and Gold (Soft Coat Grabber).
  • Duo brushes have two different sides with two different brush styles.  Basically it is like having two brushes in one!  These brushes are two-toned and come in Red/Purple (TuffZapper), Red/Silver (UnderCoater), Purple/Silver (TuffFinish) and Green/Gold (SilCoater).

Contact us to learn more or to get a free brushing demo!