Buckle up for Safety!

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month! 

Do you buckle up your dog while they are in the car?  If you don’t hopefully you will change your mind after reading this post!  According to AAA (www.petspot.aaa.com) only 16% of pet owners secure their dogs in the car.   Did you know that an unrestrained 10 pound dog in a crash at 50 mph exerts 500 pounds of force but an 80 pound dog in a crash going only 30 mph exerts 2,400 pounds of force.  Now think of your poor little Fido flying through the air in a crash….what will he/she hit?  You, the window, other passengers?  Supposedly it takes less than 20 pounds of force to break a bone, so it’s not a good scenario.

The picture is our Great Dane, Griffin, in a Champion Seat Belt System on our way down to the Outer Banks several years ago.  The seat belt is really easy to put on and Griffin didn’t mind wearing it one bit….in fact he would get excited when he saw the harness because it meant he was going somewhere in the car!  Typically your local pet store will sell pet restraints for vehicles or you can also search online.  Please buckle up your pets!